I'm Nigel Munoz, a game designer and web engineer.


Rhythm-action concept. Dodge and destroy projectiles timed with music.

2019 | Game


A minimalist mobile puzzle game that combines notions of Tetris and PuyoPop.

2015 | Game | Status: Need to reupload.


A concept service that makes asset commissioning easy for both artists and developers.

2015 | App

Melody Rocket

A difficult arcade/rhythm game for Android.

2015 | Game | Status: Need to reupload.


A puzzle game where fast fingers and mental math are essential.

2015 | Game


Share and discuss ephemeral content live. Site is still live, but chat server is dead.

2014 | App


A head-to-head rhythm action game.

2014 | Game | Status: Need to reupload.

Bitxl's Kool Place

A meta minigame made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 29.

2014 | Game

A Game of Risk

A short film about the dangers of avoiding work.

2014 | Other


Made in 1 hour for the 0hr Game Jam.

2014 | Game


Online hosting for live action games of Assassins/KAOS.

2013 | App | Status: Shut down due to inactivity.


An puzzle/exploration game created with friends.

2012 | Game