A minimalist mobile puzzle game that combines notions of Tetris and PuyoPop.

Tech: Unity, C#, Android, iOS, Illustrator


Video Game - 2015

A service that makes asset commissioning easy for both artists and developers.

Tech: Angular, Illustrator, LESS, Node, MongoDB, MVP


Concept - 2015

A difficult arcade/rhythm game for Android.

Tech: Unity, C#, Android, Illustrator

Melody Rocket

Video Game - 2015

Share and discuss ephemeral content live.

Tech: NodeJS, MongoDB, jQuery, Socket.IO


WebApp - 2014

Browser puzzle game made for a 48 hour jam.

Tech: Pure JS/HTML/CSS


Web Game - 2015

My open-sourced work.

Tech: C++, JS, Dart, Haskell, and more!

GitHub Profile

Programming - Ongoing

Online hosting for live action games of Assassins/KAOS.

Tech: NodeJS, MongoDB, jQuery, Socket.IO


WebApp - 2013

A head-to-head rhythm action game.

Tech: Unity, C#


Video Game - 2014

Collection of my photography.

Tech: Canon T3i, Lightroom

Flickr Profile

Photography - Ongoing

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 29.

Tech: JS, Phaser.io

Bitxl's Kool Place

Web Game - 2014

A short film about the dangers of avoiding work.

Tech: Canon 5D Mk3, Premere Pro

A Game of Risk

Short Film - 2014

Made in 1 hour for the 0hr Game Jam.

Tech: JS, Phaser.io


Web Game - 2014

Collection of my digital art.

Tech: Illustrator, C++

DeviantArt Profile

Digital Art - Ongoing

An older puzzle/exploration game created with friends.

Tech: JS, Codeheart.js


Web Game - 2012

Hey there.

About me? I'm Nigel Munoz, a game designer and full-stack developer. I currently work as a full-stack engineer at The Muse.

Javascript, Python, C++, C#, Unity, and Java are what I find myself using most often. You can even catch me using Dart or Haskell on odd days. For web development, I currently use technologies like Node, React, and MongoDB. For game development, Unity and Phaser.IO are my primary tools.

I also design a fair bit. I'm handy at Illustrator and SASS/LESS.

In any case, experience is better than explanation. Click the logo above and browse through some of my projects.

I'm always open to new ideas, so if you'd like to contact me, just hit the contact button on the top right!